about Bianca Danst

Ballet and dansschool Bianca Danst is led by Bianca Groenewegen van der Weiden.

Bianca started ballet lessons as a 4-year-old girl. With tears she went in and with a big smile she came out. Since then, she has never stopped dancing. In the year 2000, Bianca graduated as a first degree dance teacher at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Immediately after graduating she started teaching full-time.
In 2017 Bianca decided to follow her childhood dream; starting her own school.

The dance school is located in the central part of Waddinxveen; at Sportpark de Sniep (next to swimming pool De Sniep). On August 27, the school celebrated its fifth anniversary!

Bianca Danst offers dance lessons from 2,5 years. A good atmosphere, a lot of dance pleasure and working on a good dance technique are important in the lessons.

"In the lessons I give, I think it is important that there is a nice atmosphere in which every individual feels at ease. I also value a personal contact with the children, students and parents, because this creates involvement and trust. I hope to pass on my pleasure and my passion for dance/ballet in all the classes I teach. That enthusiasm is actually the starting point, because from there a beautiful process with small and large developments arises. Because at the end of the day, that’s what I want as a teacher: that my students learn, grow and enjoy!! "

our spearheads

personal character
smaller groups
attention for detail
motivate eachother

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